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Insurance Companies — Contact Information

It's our pleasure to assist you with your policy and claims service. We are available Monday — Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00PM.
After hours for your convenience, I have included a list of the contact telephone number for the Insurance companies.
Please give them a call to report a new claim or for after-hours customer service.
Claim Phone: 800-252-4633
Customer Service: 800-842-5075
Infinity Insurance
Customer Service: 1800-782-1020
Claims: 1800-334-1661
Customer Service: 1800-876-5581 Claims: 1800-274-4499
Foremost/Bristol West
Claims: 800-274-7865
Customer Service/Billing: 855-319-7763
Customer Service: 1800-503-3724
Claims: 1800-503-3724
Gainsco Ins Co (MGA)
Customer Service: 866-424-6726
Claims: 800-552-7385
National General
Customer Service: 800-325-1190
Claims: 877-468-3466
Avatar Homeowners/Element Ins Co.
Customer Service: 1877-233-3238
Claims: 1877-233-3237
Citizens Ins Co.
Website: www.citizenfla.com
Customer Service:: 1888-685-1555
Claims: 1866-411-2742
American Integrity Insurance
Claims: 1866-277-9871
Customer Service: 1888-359-5515 or
American Strategic Insurance
Service: 866-274-8765
Claims: 866-274-5677
American Traditions Insurance Company
Claims: 866-270-8430
Customer Service: 866-561-3433
Bankers Insurance / First Community Insurance
Claims: 800-765-9700
Customer Service: 800-627-0000
Elements Property Insurance Company
Claims: 877-233-3237
Customer Service: 877-233-3238
Security First Insurance Company
Claims Phone: 1-877-581-4862
Billing & Policy Questions:
United States Liability Insurance Group (USLI)
Customer Service:/Claims 888-523-5545
United Property and Casualty
Claim Phone: 888-256-3378
Customer Service: (800) 295-8016
Universal Property & Casualty Insurance
Claim Phone: 800-470-0599
Customer Service: 800-425-9113
Universal Of North America
Customer Service: 866-458-4262
Claims: 866-999-0898
Federated National
Claims Phone: 800-293-2532
Florida Peninsula Insurance/
Edison Ins Co.
Claims Phone: 877-994-8368
Customer Service: 877-229-2244
Heritage Ins
Claims Phone: 855-415-7120
Modern USA/American Traditions
Claims Phone: 866-270-8430
Customer Service:: 866-561-3433
Olympus Insurance
Claims Phone: 1-866-281-2242
Customer Service/Billing: 1-800-711-9386
Southern Fidelity Ins Co./
Southern Fidelity Property and Casualty
Customer Service: 866-874-7342
Claims: 866-874-7342
Southern Oak
Customer Service/Claims: 877-900-2280
Capitol Preferred Ins
Customer Service/Claims: 
Homeowner Choice
Customer Service/Claims: 
Modern USA/American Traditions
Customer Service/Claims: 
Mount Beacon/FL Specialty
Customer Service/Claims: 
Safe Point Insurance
Customer Service: 877-858-7445
Claims: 855-252-4615
Cypress P&C
Customer Service: 877-560-5224
North East Agencies
Customer Service: 866-290-9680
Flood Insurance
Hartford Flood
Customer Service/Claims: 800-637-3846
Foremost Flood
Customer Service: 866-667-9739
Claims: 800-759-8656
ASI Flood
Claims: 866-511-0793
Tytap Flood
Claims: 844-289-7968
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